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Learn How to Optimize Your Workforce. Contact Us for a Free Assessment Today. Supply Chain Mngmt Coach.


Learn How to Optimize Your Workforce. Contact Us for a Free Assessment Today. Supply Chain Mngmt Coach.

Empower Cities with Holistic Food-Waste Reduction Strategies

Forty percent of food in the United States is never eaten. And cities, as major population centers and key decision makers, will play a critical role in meeting the country’s food-waste challenge. Reducing the amount of food wasted within a municipality can help local governments address landfill challenges, fight hunger, and work toward curbing climate change. To seize those opportunities, LoveThyNeighbour is working with cities to create long-term, holistic approaches to tackling food waste.

Protect Vulnerable Species

Decades of overfishing, as well as habitat damage, pollution, and other harmful activities, have pushed many ocean species to the brink of extinction. Though the United States is trying to rebuild its fisheries with science-based catch limits and better management practices, many species are still struggling. Some are so vulnerable to destructive fishing that, in the absence of bold action, they could disappear.

Preserve Regional Ocean Ecosystems

America’s oceans and coasts are beautiful places to visit, swim, and fish, but they are becoming overwhelmed by development. Already stressed from problems like pollution, rising water temperatures, and ocean acidification, our whales, sea turtles, fish, and shellfish are now confronted with even more threats. Increased numbers of ships and cables are crisscrossing the ocean’s surface and the water far below. Offshore energy development is continuing to advance. Sand is becoming the new gold, and more mining is being required to reinforce our shorelines against sea level rise and bigger, stronger storms.

Support Renewable Energy that Protects the Wild

Many of the best places in America to harness wind and solar energy are also home to wildlife, such as the greater sage grouse and the desert tortoise. Misguided bioenergy incentives, both in the United States and in Europe, threaten to destroy rare ecosystems like our magnificent southeastern forests.

Eliminate Chemicals that Cause Reproductive and Other Health Harms

Thousands of chemicals found in everyday items have never been fully tested to determine their effects on health. Even in the limited cases in which the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have evaluated chemicals, they have often relied on outdated, incomplete, or industry-influenced science to approve the use of potentially harmful chemicals, including those linked to cancer and reproductive hazards.

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